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independent underground Poetry breach the social contract in a big way




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Rippered from the pages of LETTERHEAD2 : CHRISTOPHER ROBINS' Western poetry wire-wash section preface/ manifesto!



Poetry Scene

The West-Coast writers I chose for this issue all have different backgrounds and writing

styles, but I believe they often share a common theme—keeping poetry socially relevant

while never finding it necessary to be overtly political. Though it is certainly hard to

generalize, since among this California group of writers are teachers, social workers,

performance artists, community activists, linguists, film makers, playwrights, musicians,

actors, crafts makers (and the list goes on), as a community, we are determined to make

our voices heard (in a society that has relegated poetry to the lowest form of art), and we

possess the open-mindedness to share criticism as well as ink: editing, writing reviews,

publishing each others books, etc.

In 2003, Nicole Henares, a San Francisco high school English teacher and writer of short

stories and poetry, introduced me to many of these writers, though as synchronicity

would have it, a few of us had known each other through the mail for many years prior to

this. In the summer of 2004, she chose a group of us to read at the North Beach Festival

in San Francisco, on the poetry stage that had been in existence there for nearly fifty

years. Though there were many established and well-known poets performing that day,

many of us, myself included, had never performed on stage before. On the second day of

performances, the microphone was unexpectedly cut off by the police due to complaints

from nearby vendors over “obscenity” (probably in part due to some very graphic and

comedic poems about the human experience by Oakland poet Joe Pachinko and some

incendiary anti-war poems by local poet Jack Hirschman). Needless to say, even without

the public address system, our group of Santa Cruz and Bay Area poets continued to read

to a fired-up crowd. It was then I realized that poetry in the twenty-first century can still

be a relevant, threatening, and enlightening tool for speaking the truth about our

neighborhoods, the ongoing war, and our economic struggles.

Later that year, along with Brian Morrisey (a Santa Cruz transplant from the East Coast,

and the publisher of Poesy), I started a weekly reading called the Wired Wash Open Mic

in a local coffeehouse/laundromat. He and I invited poets from Santa Cruz, as well as

from the Bay Area, to feature once a month. Eventually, poets came from as far away as

the East Coast and the Midwest for the paltry sum of twenty dollars for gas money, an

opportunity to sell their books, and all the wine they could drink at either my house or

Brian’s following the reading.

Over the years, the Wired Wash venue became a haven for street people, musicians,

academics, storytellers, college students, punk rockers, and local characters; and our

patrons ranged in age from seven to eighty-nine. Through technical difficulties, the

cacophony of espresso making and spinning washing machines, unexpected closings,

police patrols, blackouts, fist fights, high staff turnover, chaos, and magic, the Wired

Wash persevered for four years until it closed in June 2008 (when someone allegedly ran

off with the rent money).

Over the last five years, many of us have lectured on zines and small magazines in

schools, attended small press festivals, hosted and performed in readings in San

Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Los Angeles, New Mexico, and even Las Vegas, been

featured on cable access TV and pirate radio, and produced spoken word CDs and poetry

DVDs, all the while sharing resources from Northern to Southern California and keeping

the news of our efforts alive through email, snail mail, telephone, and chance meetings in

downtown Santa Cruz.

I hope you enjoy the following selection of poetry and visual work from the underground

poets of California’s west coast…

–Christopher Robin/Zen Baby

Daydreaming Past the Exits

Those days cold and bitter in the city

when they cut off my dental

and she couldn’t get a job

those days of nicotine relief and huge belly laughs….

knowin’ our kid was probably retarded----

when my sis was in & out depressed---maybe on meth

when our favorite potheads nearly killed our cats-

when Pam died and I woke up at the Kern River

that was magic

I cried in the tent all night

not because of the ants----

I obsessed about the country/any country but mine/anything but this apartment

full of shimmering toys/ electrical excess /skull lights/clowns that went off

with no prompting/fart machines/the illusions/distractions/consume/consume….

I worried about scabies, staph infections, the swine flu, mental retardation…..

solar showers….composting toilets, did I have enough flashlights?

I played endless internet games, I played the anarchist fake

I stayed in bed----A LOT

I helped mother, played Scrabble on Saturday nights with my girlfriend

and ailing father

those were the days when we couldn’t tell the ruse or the fascism or the legit

is this it, the big one, martial law? what are we still doing in the city? why are you planning

a degree? do we have a future? are they closing the borders? why are we still here?

her: head buried in calculus book

me: head buried in internet games, lawsuits, lottery tickets

him: couldn’t shower couldn’t focus couldn’t learn

on the porch with cigarettes on a rare warm evening: “what’re we gonna do?! the kid’s a total liability!!!!”

oh precious laughter & vhs movies & country drives/abandoned houses/ghost towns/our trips south/our trips north/oh precious kisses/I didn’t know when I’d met her/she’d be my steady/my thinker/my rock/

unlovable criminal country/beautiful/beautiful girl

flooded with ideas but no concrete plans

endless stream of daily drama, letters and phone calls-

no real salvation

I want to make soap! I want you to whittle! how can invisible numbers carry us through a swine flu epidemic?

I want a dog/I want real weather/I want to be too cold/too hot/anything to feel

I knew I needed wheels & a lot of propane

I knew my camping skills would someday surpass my skills

at paying credit cards on time….

and that Starbucks was laying off workers

and it could only mean the end of civilization…..

the gunshots in my neighborhood real and the southern borders tight

I didn’t want to raise an astronaut

but a gang member either

I wanted to do more than sleep/ happy to get by/in a comfortable ruse…..

I surrounded myself in foolishness

all my business was suspect

but so were the headlines…..

as they raced to prophecy….

the animals evolving from benign creatures

into genetically engineered super-germ-monsters

I daydreamed past the last exit…. my coffee and bath running cold…

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Rotunda covered all angles:geekgonzo supercedes old school punk

Matters "SquidLing" does the machete ladder while Jelly boy talks the walk with genuine folk ballyhoo aplomb...

Ebony Collier was there one of genuine "new" poets of Philly come up in the Naughts, Devin D'Andrea, doing the SUPERCOIL was there holding down the fort for the redemption of all our mortal souls with the backing keyboard improv of WEST PHILTH PRODUCTIONS' Matt Broomfield, so was the amazing MY IMAGINARY BAND along with the passionate ST. SKRIBBLY LA CROIX, AND foxy SISTER BLU there were tones of samples to imbibe, the "goods" zeenes and metazines like AMERICAN DISSIDENT, THE SLUSH PILE, CITIZEN 32, LETTERHEAD I, THE IDIOM ANTHOLOGY, COVERT PRESS JOURNAL, THE COLLECTIVE PRESS, and a good sampling of the ULA/LITVISION PRESS line of books...

Mark Baird and JJ Petrolino III skold forth the "idiomatic" volcano!

Another complementary 7/8ths profile from the editor and publisher of the Anthology

Steve McNamara lays into the Poetry whore muse.....
King Wenclas bangs out Totem and Taboo to the concern of the poetry police
Mark again with a piece of his mind intact and dangerous...

Shaun Terreri aka "Alabaster" breaks a movement body language not just mere words...

Rebecca cuts the strings as the "Matriot" transforms literally time and space...

Play this over and over until you can here what our parents and grandparents heard over the racket of the traveling circus midways

A team, Eric and Betty Bloomerz, worth the price of admission tho the Rotunda show was generously open and free to the public which came in droves throughout the evening. The aspect that made it all worth while was the mix and diversity of ages, the relative sobriety of the student rovers, but most of all the number of ethnic Philadelphians of colour and their families including kids that stopped in... and stepped out. Real populist audiences for real underground literature and arts...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New sweet package "long poem" rant from J.J. Petrolino III, published by ULAer Mark Brunetti "Baird"

Inside- pocket "trade paper" back book neo-beat epic by John Petrolino published by ULAer Mark Brunetti under his Piscataway House Publishing "side project" but notedly beholding to the Idiom Magazine brand, with a cool catchy forward by Mark, and ordering info as follows go to for the secret handshake or P.O Box 1102 Jackson, N.J. 08527, or right to JJ his lonesome at PO Box 353, Middleton, N.J. 07748; Printed by Mirror Image America beautifully close to if not at typeset quality, perfect bound, 60 pp. $? but this purviewer nearly stole it for 5 bucks, table side at the incredible action reading/ side show enhances/ performance art possession by gonzo mondo whereas the ULA presented the Idiom Mag Anthology Break Thru "party" venue, 4014 Walnut the whole of West Philly sounded like it was going nuts probably as Spring Break broke loose and the, coincidentally the big Beer Fest was crashing the barricades. On the inside besides all the great performances and lit- freaks rocked the stage for a sizable and ever changing attending audience for which at the Rotunda this past Saturday while outside the inclusive most excelentinsugencyPetrolino shone as one of the poetic highlights, not to mention The Idiom/ Walking English working Volcano setting the Rotunda's fire alarm system akimbo ( our hearts as always, go out to Gina Renzai!) and provoking the heroic theatrical entrance of the Philly Fire Department, replete with axes, upon the main stage, for a brief but exciting shtick!

This poem is good old fashioned crazed beatnik litany gaff of a open wide eyes subject riding the long breath of the collective American mind about none- other than America and covers open armed what we should be doing at all times besides remembering where we came from and might feel like going to and that is getting away with everything we can by way of mouth, heart, sensibility, and genitals, together or hiding behind the dive bar alone in the fizzing fluorescence that is the A-dream we'd imagine or just poke around in our brains, and even our livers should the pursuit of happiness trip us up in that manner. And free associative fantasy.

As a litany or what some might call the laundry list school of composition (never disparagingly) there are somewhat durations that may become monotonous but Petrolino reves up and going at it catches his breath at the hint of that skillfully and gets the reader going again too with renewed interest by hitting us with, time and time again, in beautifully composed complexes of images and sound effects affecting our sense and especially our sense of just about everything that may shock, taunt, and maybe tickle the fancy of the American literate reader/writer, leading them on, daring them to test the freedoms and liberties we may have been told about in school or by the talking heads but too much take for granted.

So, genuinely, Congo Lights is a book to read for now, with all the lines drawn and the belief systems collapsing let alone the economy, so called,
A kind of Anarchist Cookbook in Whitmanesque vers libre--- hey, after all it's New Jersey!--
that guides the guile-less observer toward irrevocable acts of civil and political and hygienic individualisms...
gestures of subversive but constitutionally protected by the merchant marine!

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Steve Henn's new zine outta Albany plus more good graces of Christopher Robin and ZB

Received a packet--- pure crack jax box but with a number of secret surprises inside-- from underground prodigy ULAer Christopher Robin of Zen Baby fame with this ‘zine therein-- at a magical moment of some import. I had been knocked for a loop by the most recent love interest (in fact the first in many years ) in my sorry life and (luckily) for me the young creature was on her way back to her parents’ house in the Shenandoah foothills of the Carolinas. When I yanked this ‘zine out of Christopher’s CARE- package the resemblance of the cover to countenance of my aforementioned infatuation calmed my troubled heart which had the additional effect of reminding me how indebted I am to the “glorified nobody” for consistently putting the underground literary fire to my feet.

POPULAR REALITY, SPECIAL REPORT. P.O. Box 66426, Albany, NY. 12206

Henn publisher provocateur . $3.00.

A cheap even rickety “traditional “zine’ out of the post-industrial rust belt upper state New York does what it does unabashedly and will suceed in raising the spirits if not the hackles of the underemployed minimum wage Darma bum. Better than television by a long shot. American idol, “Lost” and many of the talking head pseudo- science journalism “news” shows swamping the air-waves of these end-times are the paradigms herein superceded. Cases in point follow from cover to cover which domain must occlude the front cover which might be considered obscene, approximately dirty if it weren’t so deliciously ridiculous.

Surreal news “articles” like “Christ Kills Two, Injuries Seven In Abortion- clinic Attack”, a report from Pine Tree State Mind Control, a lovely and provocative MySpace Survey from none-other than Misti Rainwater-Lites that is worth at least three bucks.

Reprints of old and recent news articles from the vague past as well as the sorry-ass present: what really caught my attention for obvious reason was the derive tweaked “MOTHER SUES AFTER LEARNING CITY GAVE SLAIN SON’S BRAIN TO PENN”.

The longer “feature-op ed like assays ans analyses into the heart of ridiculous darkness such as pieces by Boram, The Refrigerator’s Ritual Infection I by Nadine Halley, Hope For Homos, and then again the longer pieces that may be best described as non-non fiction to the order on the order of, “The Suicide Of Everyday Life, a wage slave dreams by Lee Reiherzer, and “We Are Scientists” the state of shit, were especially poignant. But over all this crazy “zeen” is not only touching to certain prevalent mentally disturbed types but definitely “touched” all by its lonesome.

FDW. West Philly. 2/22/09.



Zeitgeist Press, 96pp.perfect-bound. soft cover book. 12.95 US

Reviewed by FDW, ULA.

Nice guy spoils himself with the writing poetry and turns into a pretty cool writer of poems.

The writing is worth reading and keeping to read again the narrative vignettes grow on one particularly.

Also worth getting to get a handle of what kind of literary action is out there in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Isaacson and his family reside as one may wonder about such things whenever Las Vegas is brought up for the usual reasons in a conversation. Special attention should be paid to the prose-poem, "The Old Poet" which entertains

a viable folkloric story thread about what might easily be an American archetypal apprehension regarding the poet as mythopoeia figure. With extreme insight.

Parabolic for the people and having a subtly disturbing Gothic edge that underscores Isaacson's Yankee culture and higher education. "Teenage" is very representive

of this ambience.

DUMBSTRUCK is damn- straight and righton solid stuff. Often in these without exception interestingly titles poems, the humor and the sight gags may seem a bit deliberated and irksome to one but not really as the reader will be rewarded for their patience after seeing through the poem. The good spirit that directs the angle of incidence and the warmth of the bread at hand consistently make the experience worthwhile. Tho some of the shorter poems may seem like cloying ploys, but so what. The whole book vibrates with competents and the certainly that is rooted in an actual creative competence and fortitude and many of the shorter pieces act as rest stops to give the reader an opportunity to cool down between the "heavier" swinging more expansive compositions. Here is roving organic poetries, good solid vers livre/libre-- spring board off of what Aldington (1915) declares, "We fight for its [vers livre ] as for a principle of liberty." -- good examples here: "Blood Sugar Blues", "Going Back To Brenda" are worth every second and the savor of each with an easy seamless flow and emotional rewards that are the reason we read if not write poetry, To begin with.

Tracking the wave of the most effective and representive, "How Are You Doing", p12 and the incredible "Carousel", pp. 14-17, placing the theme ("theme" because there's a dialectical or two) succinctly riding the crest of emotional import, a human one a deeply humane one in situations we may have guessed at-- before coming to Isaacson's book-- in the actual world, including business, of relationships, and more.


Pudding House Chapbook Series, Pudding House Publications, Columbus, OH. quarto-sized chapbook

(2007) staple-bound, 32pp.

A sweet and oft powerful tome of advocacy and advocacy and witnessing,

whereas the title poem is a fine piece of madness.

Notice: this poetry is important for people who neither like for reasons that are moral as they claim poetry nor read the oracular art as well, as those who do and do, because these poems are to a piece significant swan songs for the domineering News and of the contemporaneous truth of underground lit. And fun as Hell and as sharp to partake.

This Henn cat has a chip on his shoulder and never far off the mark his every fiber refuses the chip the Power tries to put into his poets' head. Maybe because it's there in black and white on the cover and reiterated within this too slender chap, the mention of Ambrose Bierce sold me on wanting to write this up beat review. That and the fact that Christopher sent me a free review copy. Seriously this some the best most worth while and surreally humoress array of outsider poetry this one has had the pleasure to peruse so far ao good this year. This poetry speaks for itself not from a soapbox or podium but from the stage of stand-up and vaudeville cut-ups of what most gets under the skin of a reader of American poetry these days. Or imbibe of slam for that matter. Good stuff for peanuts at ten bucks.

".. fifteen minutes of scraping ice, take

the wife's, the boss bitching

'bout twenty minute late,..." --- "REALTY TV". A most excellent and pleasant word play but at hip-hop speed! "Royal Rumble: Gay Pride Parade And Klan Demonstration", is a excellent low down yellow journalismo a la fin de siecle but as funny as the Marx Brothers. Also plus plus to checking out "How To Turn Yourself

Into A Stalker ", screwball purple-prose socked into a fluorescent straight jacket of wham- bam verse. See these poems as just plumb good advice in the form of a quick fix manual of blue-prints and still every inch a book of poetry.

Brian VanRemmen, THE OPTIMIST, Hip Pocket Books. Buffalo, New York. (2007) w/ a preface by Brian McMahon. tough soft-cover, perfect-bound taped-

spine, pocket digest-book, with twenty-one ct. 4-color collage/montage most with 'texte'. 100pp.

A note on the title- frontispiece indicates these poems were writ in DC.

Takes kindly from life at first at least in the first half of this well put together compact book withdrawn but happily disaffected and then kicking and

screaming with optimal affect in the second half. The Trimania 2005 gathering of Buffalo artist and poets is cited as pivotal to the organization and context of the THE OPTIMIST . Influences besides comrade Hip Pocket notables, Johnt, Poerhn and McMahon are and evidenced in the faculties of the poet as well. There's besides

the important influences of Jack Spicer, WCW, and Kerouac and "confessional" influence via Robert Lowell informed by real personal history.

Negative capability snaps into action-ventures in the winding and unwinding of great representative pieces such as: "Thru The Trapdoor". Most successful

are Robert Duncan-esque, less Creeley-esque, are "Final Friday" and the sharp journalese of pp. 67 through 71, and pp. 55-59.

VanRemmen when opening up to composition by 'field' should allow and just leave well enough go of adjective or adverb or connective conjunction as these kinds of words naturally tend to fall away and fray at the edges of such compositions. "The Poison Apartment" and "The Relapse" for example would benefit.

The Creeley influenced segues are good for domestic and closet dramas but VanRemmen might be better advised to be more sensitive to the fact that resistance becomes friction unless the proven failures of an admitted master be purged from the work of the student at some point the sooner the better in the development of that student's self sufficient "voice". Where this self - management directive is apparently working is when VanRemmen

like an alchemist engages diverse raw material at his command, a true bricoleur. The stuff of Constuctivism's (Russian Futurism, i.e.), namely, "phrasical verse" (sorta like the 'samplings' of our hip hop rap dj brethren and sisters?), branded texte, emails, mixed stencil-typography, over all shifts in confabulated emphasis, etc. So that the willing reader is enabled to intensively drift along these intersections and alternative routes of VanRemmen's heart and mind. Retro (because essentially radical subjective extrapolations from none other than the American confessional school) Futurist, since a lot of the work here is composed with "free" disassociative associations violent but not agressively so (in other words 'fun"), praxis, nexus, and loci of the perception in turn personal memory. Also visionary, visuals like in "Cradle Of America", "Note From The Verge". Day dreaming/day tripping out side and inside, "Eternal Sequence Of Rt. 23A", "Love Among The Ruins" again algebraic'ly not mathematically calculated arrangements.

The foot-loose 'uncouth' savor suggestive of spontaneity will attract the reading/writing public and overall underground while flaming the ill-literate company poets and Establishment fakes. Bravo, Brian, on an achievement well-tempered.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flash from European tour, KellyWH#, Oasis 1st Friday, calls frmo CPMag/Chris Robin, NAD, The Am. Dissident Winter Issue,

Update: from Eric "Jelly-Boy The Clown"

eric broomfield

to me
show details 8:31 AM (14 hours ago)

great poem frank.
[ the poem he is referring to is this year's annual Candlemas incidental 3 part verse, IMBOLC which will be published by Mike Grover's online e-zine Covert Poetics' Journal, #5 ]

we are alive!

How are things at the house with Kali and any one that might come around
How is wig wom
Betty and I are in berlin right now we just got off the bus and fairie from london
Matt and charlean are in spain.
there are so many stories to tell and things we have learned.
cant wait to see you next week

Jelly boy the clown

also see Punk-Saint Tim "Tiger" Dunn's notice of First Friday Art Show at the A-SPACE on Baltimore Ave, next to the Mariposa Food Cooperative, below!


Here's a prime one from our ULA trailblazers and and an exchange twixt most Jelly- Boy and Andrew Lovatt, ex-pat Irish Diviner and chief ed. of the most excellent
and some good pointers per the realty of Dublin arts nd performance cultural underground:

matthew broomfield

to me
show details Jan 25 (6 days ago)

Nice one on the post Frank.
Hello ULAers who are out there
Be on the look out for Pete Missing from Berlin via NYC
we perfomed at the Kranenhouse, an old age home turned into a community center contracted squat, in Crouch End London last night for an overpacked party. beer, vodka, ketamine, blouks and the like. Unholy Sideshow was screened all night in a side cinema hospital room.
Wicked basement and rooftop. large surround walled in field. a group of young thug crouchenders started a fight, trying to break in through a window in one of the living area wings which was the backstage. we climed the walls onto the parked vans jumped down and created a wall. joing the other squaters below. squaters vs. crouchenders. all was handled without the squaters throwing a punch but getting punched. formed a line and sent them backwards.
the crowd was tough and cheeky. but the sideshow thrilled them into a frenzy. we performed a long and brutal show. pulling out all the stops. sparing no expense.
on tuesday we head back to amsterdam for two more shows. a brief parting, sharleen and I go to spain. roc, jelly and betty to ireland or straight to berlin. we all meet in berlin for two more shows and our parting party. fly from berlin to london. stay in the airport for a few our hours and fly to NYC. back to the states.
much to discuss about the position of america in the UK and in Europe on our return. please give me some info about the home front.
meta mita

From: Andrew Lovatt <>
Date: 26 January 2009 10:46:05 GMT
Subject: Re: getting to ireland

Hi JellyBoy,

Yep, I know you're a performance act - and your explanation of fit with headline bands is a good one! You have Derek Nally's email - so let me know if he bites (with interest even). Very pleased to here London is starting to treat you right. I wudda thought... I mean they like to party and they sure like something different.

Listen - long time ago, but still true I think, the best experimental bands/acts would turn up at St Martins Art College, Ealing Art College - basically any of the art college scenes. If you haven't heard about them yet, see if you can do a web search and come up with some contacts. The folks in the art colleges could become your strongest evangelists. A lot of the punk and art bands from the 80s started on the art college circuit. They're a natural for your antic play, get it right away and should groove into it.

Lemme know how it goes! If there's any follow up needed with Derek let me know also & I'll pursue.


On 25 Jan 2009, at 17:40, eric broomfield wrote:

things are much better in london. we did a smashing party last night at a squat and are doing anouther next saturday as well as going to amsterdam for two shows thursday and friday. things are looking up. did and watched some street shows here in london. the most important thing you need to know is that we are not a band. we are a circus side show with key boards and a sampler. the show is comedy and stunts and audience interaction. we would fit with any band that had a draw or just be interesting because we are circus wierdoes.
I will contact who you say and we will see what we can mannage.
jelly boy the clown
--- On Sat, 1/24/09, Andrew Lovatt <> wrote:
From: Andrew Lovatt <>
Subject: Re: getting to ireland
Date: Saturday, January 24, 2009, 8:38 AM

Hi JellyBoy,

Just got off the phone with Derek Nally, who handles Whelan's bookings. A good fellow, the razor was quick & as painless as poss - he said it straight: it's impossible to get the audience if the band aren't known in Ireland. It takes radio play, press and posters - like a whole campaign. Even the few underground scenes would find it hard - they usually ask the band to sell X number of tix themselves. He asked "do they have a record label?" That seems to make a small diff. Some indi labels carry an audience with them.

All the same, Derek liked the sound of you - as best I put it - and I've sent him a mail -- current email addy) as he would like to have a look & listen. He may email back some other ideas, but right now I would say it is looking slim to thin ice. The scene over here is very small -- about one 50th the size of London. So if you're not breaking into playing n paying gigs there... I'm outta touch with London, but would have thought there were more anarchic art venues there. By contrast, here there ain't much underground like that. Philly would scare the be-Jesus out of most Dubs, or they'd dive right in (more likely). But getting anything like that going in Dublin doesn't look likely... yet.

Derek mentioned - if you know it or go have a look - which gives an idea of always-commercial edge prevailing in the Irish scene.

Lemme know how you fair in London - can't believe there isn't a spot for you there.

very best,


On 22 Jan 2009, at 22:05, eric broomfield wrote:

So I called whelans and got a dial tone. We want to come to dublin the first few days of febuary. would you be able to make a call on our behalf?we have a show at the cheese factory in london january 31st. so sunday monday tuesday or wedsday would be good for us in Dublin. the first week end of febuary we are back in Berlin to do two or three more shows. any help would go a long way. we arent trying to make a lot of money eather, just trying to get there and off to the next spot. it would only be three of us as well. the other two are going to spain in that time. all we need is for someone to squeeze us into a spot or two.
please let me know as soon as you can.
Jelly boy the clown

--- On Sat, 1/17/09, Andrew Lovatt <> wrote:
From: Andrew Lovatt <>
Subject: Re: getting to ireland
Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009, 9:57 AM

Hi Eric,

I'm snookered til the first week of Feb -- too much going on, that can't be avoided either. So I'm out of picture til then. Your best route is to phone Whelan's. I'll try get you some other numbers too. I say this 'cos I'm sure a lot of folks are slow to deal with email, whereas a phone call is right in their ear & you've got their attention. They can then go see your email and check out MySpace.

Let me know if you reach Whelan's. I'l try find you some more phone & emails.

How's London treating you? There should be lots of places to play there. It's a huge scene compared to hereabouts.

very best,


On 17 Jan 2009, at 14:35, eric broomfield wrote:

hey Andrew. no one is responding to us from the dublin clubs. I don't know why. I realy want to go and meet you and see ireland. I don't know if you can help first hand. we should do a side show and a ULA reading together at a pub. we have no phone and are staying at a squat in london now. hope to hear from you soon.
Jelly boy the clown

--- On Wed, 1/14/09, Andrew Lovatt <> wrote:
From: Andrew Lovatt <>
Subject: Re: getting to ireland
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7:57 AM

Hi Eric,

A friend here - who promotes punk music (mostly) - Frank Cronin, has given the name of contact at Whelan's. Browse

Do you know anyone at Whelan's? OR any idea who they might contact for gigs?

-Try Derek Nally,
either or

Been there and this is the info for BOOKINGS:

25 Wexford Street
Dublin 2
General Enquiries

Venue Bookings
Leagues O'Toole

Derek Nally

Julie Cooper


Have a look at them on the web - both sites, and email Derek (you can say Frank Cronin passed you his contact). You can try call Derek on the main number, though he's likely not to be based there (judging from his email addy not being a Whelan's one) - but you could reach Julie Cooper most likely.

Let me know how goes!

very best



tim dunn

to me
show details 10:21 AM (13 hours ago)

Hey Frank,
Thanks for keeping me aware of such happenings. I'M HOSTING AN OPENING AT A-SPACE ON FRIDAY.

[ Anarchist Community Space 4722 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143 215-727-0882 leave msg


For the hungry and hep dedicated DYI, Kulchur Undergounders this just in from the reigning belle femme of the West Phildephia alternative arts' scene, CALI MILES CLARKE, with equally stunning Jess McKay Hummel, Anna Christie, Et al. an amazing open house of one of a kind arte-facts, underground games and call for live poetry (this ULAer will for one thing be reading his EAPoe- try and annual Candlemas verse.... ). Bring money and other valuables to buy and trade at this rad bazaar!::

Below the insightful and lit credible manifesto invitation on the verso of the above flyer by 'autist' Cali::

Here's a Philadelphia "First Friday" art and lit happening with an emphasis on a community's social-conscience, put forth by the good friends of the ULA at OASIS, a division of Philadelphia city's Department For Human Development, Lori Bartol and Pat Lyons, Dir. A good place to start yr. FF itinerary before heading up to GERM BOOKSTORE (independent purveyor of fine ULAPress books!) on Frankford Ave, to se their opening exhibit of authentic HEX signs :::

The Asian Arts Initiative and Oasis Arts and Education present: PORTRAITS IN EMOTION and SELF AS ANIMAL. An exhibition of two bodies of work completed in 2008 as a result of residencies with Philadelphia artists Deborah Caiola and Elisabeth Nickles through the Oasis Artist in Residence Program. This exhibition is presented as part of the pilot of the Asian Arts Initiative's Community Curators program.

Portraits In Emotion is an exhibition of paintings and texts. Led by resident artist Deborah Caiola, this exhibition brings together eleven Philadelphia artists who openly reflect upon personal experiences with mental illness and the process of art-making. Also on exhibtion is SELF AS ANIMAL. Oasis Artist in Residence Elisabeth Nickles along with six Oasis participants explore animal representations of the self in works on paper and in clay. Ms. Nickles reflects on the experience in working with this group of unique individuals through a series of six sculptures based on her interpretation of their perceived animal selves.

This exhibition will be presented at the Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street, from February 6 through March 15, 2009. An opening reception will be held on First Friday, Feb. 6 from 5:30-7:30.

oasis postcard front
oasis postcard back


Also, as a "scouted" (by GERM's David Williams via the ULA's Lisa Falour by way of Paris) copy of famous NYC undergound 'zinster ANGELO PASTORMELO'S new super odd and fascinating meta-zine/book, replete with plenty of great vintage photographs, HUBERT'S DIME MUSEUM & FLEA CIRCUS, AN UNDERGROUND HISTORY BY MORTY BUSHMASTER, is also in the hands of the ULA as evidenced below, get it or get square!::

Below, main man of sideshow, Ward Hall, back cover of Angelo's break though publication::

right, the ominous shadow of MB at Coney Is.

subtext: GERM is currently sporting a single copy of Lisa's BIKINI GIRL, one of the most famous and ground- breaking underground 'zines of all time!

Here's a great new "free" public literary service from the University Of Penn's Kelly Writers House, put it in yr. black books, check it out, take the plunge ::

215 746-7636

or: 215 746-POEM

Happy '09 from all of us at 3805 Locust Walk in Philadelphia. With the new year we launch another new project. Call the phone number above any day, at any time, and hear

1) what's happening tonight or very soon at the Writers House
2) highlights of upcoming events
3) a featured poem read at the Writers House, from our archives
4) a featured recording of Writers House-affiliated students

We urge all friends and fans of the Writers House to add this number - which we call "6-POEM" - to their contacts list, speed dial, and address book.

"What's happening" will be updated almost every day. The other features will be updated frequently.

Once again, best wishes for the new year,

- Al

Al Filreis
Kelly Professor
Faculty Dir., Kelly Writers House
Dir., Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing
University of Pennsylvania


--- On Sat, 1/10/09, Scot Young <> wrote:
From: Scot Young <>
Subject: hey all this is a call
To: "Misti Rainwater-Lites" <>
Date: Saturday, January 10, 2009, 1:48 PM

hey friends
A.D. sent me a poem (actually) to a list to publish. So, with that in hand I have put up an online zine--Rusty Truck-- to publish the best poetry and flash from the best writers. I actually have been thinking about this for some time. I plan on doing a print version also, but that is just a plan right now. I will list a call for submissions at OW and some other sites, but I want to establish this as one of the best, so if you are so inclined I would love for you to send me something.submissions to

If you are able to post this call for submissions, let me know and I will send you the blurb--

my best
Scot Young

Finally but not by any means least: MGD is calling for submission for CPJournal #5,
if your stuff is authentic genuine with a sense of social justice and polotically clinking but most is grounded in love and the religion of poetry by all means SUBMITT with the guidlines to one of the best hard core literary e and hard-copy underground literary endeavors of these our post-apocalyptic times::

Covert Poetics

Submission Guidelines

We don't care who you are.
We don't care who you know.
We don't care where you've been published.
We only want the best poetry out there.
We don't care if it's previously published,
Or if it's submited somewhere else.
It's not our Poem it is yours.
Send 4 or 5 poems to


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